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Episode #2, Crowbar With Rob Hirschfeld

Guest: Rob Hirschfeld @zehicle , download episode here
Date: 1/25/2012
  1. Bryan Berry, Twitter/IRC/GitHub: bryanwb
  2. Matt Ray Twitter/IRC/GitHub: mattray
News & Events
  1. SCALE followup: 2000+ folks, 10th year
    1. Pre-event blog post:
    2. Build a Cloud Day (Xen, CloudStack, Chef, Puppet, Gluster, Zenoss) slides:
    3. DevOps Day LA: great talks from Mark Burgess on CFengine3, John Willis’ DevOps Newlywed Game and Lusis (John Vincent) #monitoringsucks panel
    4. OpenStack Happy Hour, sponsored by Opscode
    5. Booth duty, lots of great conversations, many of the booths there were using Chef or worked with Chef (CloudStack, PagerDuty, Eucalyptus, HP Cloud, Zenoss, Ceph, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenStack)
    6. BoF where we talked about Chef roadmap, answered questions and enjoyed ourselves.
    7. Sean OMeara gave an Introduction to Chef talk as well, well-attended and good feedback
    8. IllumOS very interesting, see Brian Cantrill’s Illumos talk
  1. Chef Hack Day in SF this Saturday
  2. RubyConf India, March 24-25 they are looking for speakers and sponsors
  3. DevOps Day Austin April 2-3 Austin TX
  4. OpenStack Spring 2012 Design Summit & Conference April 16-20 San Francisco
  5. ChefConf 2012 May 15-17 Burlingame CA (SF Airport), Call for Proposals, sponsors, booths, jobs. Twitter @chefconf
Topic: Crowbar

Cookbooks Discussed


  1. Aeropress Coffee system
  2. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack
  3. my .emacs on GitHub
  1. How gamer culture is influencing leadership
  2. John J. McGonagle referenced: Daniel Suarez, Ready Player One
  1. dotfiles
  2. Franz Kafka’s The Trial


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