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Episode 5: Getting Started With Chef

Date: Tuesday, Feb 27th, 18:00 GMT, Download here


Stephen Nelson-Smith, Principal Consultant Atalanta Systems
Twitter/IRC/GitHub: LordCope

Author of Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef
Working on `Definitive Guide to Chef`, due out this summer from O’Reilly

Cut me and I bleed UNIX,
specifically Solaris

– Stephen Nelson-Smith
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*Ahem* a dramatic reading

I come from a long line of sysadmins. My father was a sysadmin, as was his father before him. I have apprenticed at the feet of some of the greatest sysadmins American BankCorp has ever seen.
Yes, I consider the DevOps movement to be an affront to my craft. How could I not? How could I look at their smug build scripts and their repeatable processes and not see it for what it is: a crass commercialization of server creation!

Sure, you might get your precious “predictability”, but at what cost? I mean, can you even still remember that rush of intrigue and anticipation you get when your application refuses to work on two of the twelve servers it was deployed to? The thrill of the hunt as you figure out exactly which configuration settings are different and, of those, which one is causing the problem? The sweet taste of relief that you get after hours upon hours of debugging finally narrowed it down to a rogue registry setting?

Topic: Chef for n00bs

Documentation is just never enough and it just isn’t sexy

It’s a myth that Chef is only for Programmers

Best way to learn Chef – start with an account on Hosted Chef, free for 5 machines

Resources for Learning Ruby



emacs, horizontally split with ruby-mode in top buffer and ansi-term running pry in bottom

  • Berlin, favorite city in Europe, a cross between Portland, OR and NYC
Cheap, funky, big, and awesome tech scene 50% cheaper than Rome or NYC and w/
better services health care, transport, and AWESOME beer. Any geek would be
extremely happy there.


Wrap-up: please send questions and show ideas to @foodfightshow on twitter. We are looking for someone to record a regular 2-3 minute segment on cookbook news. I am also looking for technical advice on how to improve the audio quality of this podcast. If you have experience with audio production on Mac OS X and constructive criticism, please send an mail to Bryan