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DevOps Delicacy 0: Librarian With Jay Feldblum

DevOps Delicacy is a new shorter-format show that focusses on exciting tools and developments in our community. We kick it off with a discussion of Librarian with Jay Feldblum. Download it Here

Random Show Notes

What tools do we need that we don’t have already?

  • Need to treat cookbooks as separate projects
  • Need way to test cookbooks in isolation
  • Need way to simulate local cluster

What are the next steps for librarian? What new features do you intend to implement?

  • Needs more real-world testing
  • Needs to be easier to use
  • Check if any cookbooks are outdated

What’s new and exciting that you are learning about now or looking to learn?

Non-recursive resolution algorithm

Jeremiah Snapp’s excellent guide to cookbook management with Librarian


Hey, thanks for mentioning my cookbook management guide. And thanks to Jay who's done such a great job with Librarian.

About the "I don't do it Jay's way", I was just trying to give an explanation for why I was deviating from his recommendations. :)

I still plan to make some revisions to my guide later this week based on conversations in the mailing list.