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Episode 11: Etsy Examined - How the Best Do Their Business

Show Date: 07 May 2012 12:00 NY Time EDT, Download Here


What’s Hot!

Chef Hackday on Tuesday, May 15, 13:00 - 21:00 focus, testing!

In the News

One tool many Chefs use to develop and test their cookbooks is Vagrant. Today’s news features 4 articles that include Vagrant.

Cookbook Updates

There are now 464 cookbooks on the community site.

hipchat v0.0.4 - cwjohnston

  • Cameron Johnston’s Campfire cookbook was mentioned during last week’s episode. He’s back this week with hipchat.
  • The hipchat cookbook provides an LWRP for sending messages to HipChat rooms

el2centos v0.0.3 - atomic-penguin

  • Eric G. Wolfe is back this week with a new cookbook: el2centos
  • This cookbook converts an Enterprise Linux system to a CentOS system
  • It should go without saying, but you should use caution with this cookbook. It might leave you with a “frankenstein” system.

artifact v0.9.5 - reset

redisio v1.0.3 - geekbri

  • Brian Bianco updated the redisio cookbook to version 1.0.3.
  • This release includes a handful of additional configuration options and a changelog file to make it easier to see the differences between versions.

user v0.2.12 - fnichol

  • Fletcher Nichol
  • A convenient Chef LWRP to manage user accounts and SSH keys (this is not the opscode users cookbook)
  • Fixes LWRP notifications, adds foodcritic linting via TravisCI, and updates the README
  • Full changelog
  • This cookbook is also a sandbox where Fletcher been experimenting with the notion of unit testing a cookbook. So far there’s spec coverage for the LWRP resource, the default attributes and a start on the LWRP provider. His goal is a very basic level of coverage that TravisCI can run on commit, not necessarily to exercise the cookbook in a full isolated integration test (a-la mintiest-chef-handler)–we still absolutley need integration tests. If we as a community can crack this nut even a bit, the auto-Pull Request testing that TravisCI is rolling out could drastically disrupt the quality and stability of cookbooks (for the better!). Look for Fletcher at #ChefConf to discuss these ideas more!

ruby_build v0.6.2 - fnichol

  • Fletcher Nichol
  • Manages the ruby-build framework and its installed rubies. A LWRP is also defined.
  • Fixes a missing package dependency for JRuby on Ubuntu/Debian, addresses several foddcritic linting errors, and adds TravisCI/foodcritic action on git push.
  • Full changelog

chef-rbenv v0.6.8 - fnichol

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