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Live From #ChefConf - 0

In this episode, Bryan and Nathen re-cap the #ChefConf pre-game and discuss some of the events coming up later today.

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Topic include
  • San Francisco DevOps Pre-ChefConf Hacknight
  • The BSD debate
  • Live customer support in action
  • Deploy resource vs. Capistrano
  • The trials and tribulations of OpsCode conference organizers
  • Today’s workshops and hackday events
Stop by the Irvine room at 1:00PM today to join in the testing hack day!

If you’re at #ChefConf, be sure to find Nathen and Bryan and introduce yourself.

How do you deploy your code?  With Chef’s deploy resource or with something like capistrano?

Tweet “deploy resource” or “capistrano” to weigh in on the debate and mark your tweet with #chefconf and #hallwaytrack.

Download the episode now!