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Episode 16: Chef Server With Kevin Smith & Seth Falcon

Friday, 1 June 2012

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Show Outline

  • Chef server rewrite
  • Open source, private, and hosted Chef server
  • Erlang


In the News

New Cookbooks

Congratulations! There are now over 500 cookbooks available on the community site. Sure, it’s an arbitrary number but it is an exciting milestone. We announced passing the 400 cookbook milestone back in April so that’s 100 new cookbooks in less than two months.

18 Cookbooks have been added since the last Food Fight Show.

We’ll start with the 6 new cookbooks form Escape Studios Development.

mplayer v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures mplayer

httplivestreamsegmenter v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures httplivestreamsegmenter

hollandbackup v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures hollandbackup

gpac v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures gpac

cloudpassage v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures cloudpassage

beanstalkd v0.0.1 - devesc

  • Installs/Configures beanstalkd

Eric G. Wolfe continues to add and update cookbooks on the community site. He’s got 3 new cookbooks and has updated 5 others.

ncurses v0.0.2 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs/Configures ncurses

netcobol v0.0.6 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs/Configures Fujitsu NetCOBOL. Batteries not included.

gqlplus v0.0.2 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs/Configures gqlplus

uwsgi v0.0.1 - idyedov

  • Ivan Dyedov
  • Installs/Configures uWSGI

recognizer v0.0.4 - portertech

  • Sean Porter
  • Installs & configures Recognizer, a Graphite Carbon impostor that sends metrics to Librato Metrics.

gow v0.0.3 - jwitrick

  • Justin Witrick
  • Installs/Configures gow on windows

helios v0.0.5 - cixelsyd

  • steven c
  • Installs/Configures helios, a basic windows x509 certificate import utility

stoplight v0.1.2 - sethvargo

  • Seth Vargo
  • Installs/Configures Stoplight

fpm v0.0.1 - brettgailey

  • Brett Gailey
  • Installs Effin’ Package Manager by Jordan Sissel.

graphite_handler v0.0.2 - peter_donald

  • Peter Donald
  • Installs/Configures the Chef graphite handler originally developed by Ian Meyer

logster v0.0.2 - shr3kst3r

  • Dennis Rowe
  • Chef cookbook for logster

mail_alias v0.1.0 - kisoku

  • Mathieu Sauve-Frankel
  • mail_alias provider

Updated Cookbooks

13 Cookbooks have been updated recently.

artifact v0.9.7 - reset

  • Provides your cookbooks with the Artifact Deploy LWRP

cpan v0.0.13 - melezhik

  • CPAN modules provider (cpan_client provider LWRP)

datadog v0.0.9 - miketheman

  • Installs/Configures datadog components

disco v0.1.2 - dcrosta

  • Installs/Configures Disco

ffmpeg v0.2.1 - reset

  • Installs and configures FFMPEG from source or package

htpasswd v1.0.1 - guilhemfr

  • Provider for htpasswd

iscsi v0.0.6 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs configures open-iscsi for storage arrays

multipath v0.0.8 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs and configures device-mapper-multipath

networking_basic v0.0.5 - fred

  • Install Basic Networking Tools and Utilities on Debian, Centos RedHat and Ubuntu

nfs v0.2.3 - atomic-penguin

  • Installs and configures nfs, and NFS exports

openvas v0.0.46 - jackl0phty

  • Installs/Configures openvas

supervisord v0.1.0 - mpasternacki

  • Installs/Configures supervisord

zabbix v0.0.29 - laradji

  • Installs/Configures zabbix Agent/Server

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