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Episode 17: Testing With Eric G. Wolfe & Fletcher Nichol

Show Date: Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Release Date:  Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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  • Introduction
  • What’s Cookin’
  • Testing Tools and Process

In the News

New Cookbooks

bind v0.0.5 - atomic-penguin

  • Allows you to create zones from databags or pull them from LDAP

cerberus v0.1.3 - cixelsyd

  • Installs/Configures cerberus firewall manager for Windows 2003. The key thought behind Cerberus’ modus operandi is simple: define the permitted ports and protocols in one databag and the permitted IP addresses / ranges in another. Any IP inside the ip_permit databag would have access to any of the declared ports.

netcfg v0.0.2 - captspify

  • Installs/Configures netcfg using nslookup
  • This is Kyel Woodard’s first cookbook. Why not take a moment to provide some feedback?

omnibus_updater v0.0.2 - chrisroberts

  • Update your omnibus! This cookbook can install the omnibus Chef package into your system if you are currently running via gem install, and it can keep your omnibus install up to date.

ruby_installer v0.0.1 - chrisroberts

  • This cookbook provides Ruby installation from a variety of places. It also handles ohai reloading to ensure proper ruby/gem usage.

chef-zabbix-custom-checks - v0.1.0 - Steffen Gebert

  • Collection of custom checks for the Zabbix monitoring software used in the Server Admin team of the TYPO3 project.

tasseo v0.0.1 - scriptfu

  • Tasseo is a lightweight, easily configurable, real-time dashboard for Graphite events.

rbenv_system_pkgs v0.1.0 - Fletcher Nichol

  • Installs pre-built rbenv Ruby version tarballs in a system install. It does this by subscribing to an rbenv post-init hook resource in the rbenv cookbook and extracting the tarball packages into the versions/ directory before rbenv tries to build any Ruby versions. With the directory pre-existing a source compile will not be initiated. This cookbook only supports rbenv installed system-wide because the install path is known and likely to not break (since the build target path and extraction path match).
  • The cookbook’s README has instructions that you can follow to build your own system tarball packages. The cookbook currently includes tarballs for Ubuntu 10.04 through 12.04 on 32 and 64-bit covering some common Ruby versions.

Cookbook Updates

  • minitest-handler v0.0.7
    • Add better examples to the readme
    • pass foodcritic
    • MINITEST-HANDLER-COOKBOOK-12 ensure minitest gem used and not the standard library in 1.9
    • MINITEST-HANDLER-COOKBOOK-11 Add support for Chef-Solo
  • rvm_passenger v0.8.2
    • Fix nginx/passenger module compilation.
    • By default, cookbook now finds most current version of passenger gem.
    • By default, rvm_ruby is now “#{node[‘rvm’][‘default_ruby’]}/@passenger”.
    • Add support for CentOS 5/6.
    • Add Travis CI support for Foodcritic
    • Refactoring of all recipe code including some code extraction to a Ruby class (thank Foodcritic!)
  • rvm This cookbook provides Ruby installation from a variety of places. It also handles ohai reloading to ensure proper ruby/gem usage.) v0.9.0 (a.ka. ChefConf edition, released right before I talked to @foodfightshow about RVM/rbenv, oops!)
    • Support for several newer RVM features including installing from stable
    • Add a new patch attribute to rvm_ruby which lets you use patches like the falcon performance patch
    • LWRPs can now notify other resources
    • Add Travis CI support for Foodcritic
    • Add wickedly pretty README site thanks to the DocumentUp project
    • Add support Mac OS X Server and Scientific Linux
    • Lots of patches and fixes
    • 9 new committers contributing 11 pull requests of features and fixes.
  • logstash v0.1.0 - lusis
  • gem_installer v0.1.2 - chrisroberts
  • logstash_handler - v0.0.1 - @lusis
  • chef_gem v0.0.3 - chrisroberts
  • datadog v0.0.11 - miketheman
  • logster v0.0.3 - shr3kst3r
  • cloudpassage v0.0.2 - devesc
  • stoplight v0.1.4 - sethvargo
  • rsdns v0.0.4 - evan4498
  • raxmon-cli v0.0.4 - evan4498
  • httplivestreamsegmenter v0.0.2 - devesc
  • hollandbackup v0.0.2 - devesc
  • zncrypt v0.1.1 - egarcia
  • ldapknife v0.0.8 - jackl0phty


Download the episode.