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Interview With Joshua Timberman, King of Sysadmins

Show Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2012


In the News

  • Jon Cowie’s presentation at Velocity 2012, Michelin Starred Cooking with Chef

  • Visual guide to Chef from Kate Leroux

  • git_to_chef will compare the cookbooks in Git to those in a Chef Environment If there are new and/or updated cookbooks in Git, it’ll either log it or upload/freeze the affected cookbooks, update the stated environment, upload databags, upload roles then send an email notification.

  • Knife::Server - An Opscode Chef knife plugin to manage Chef Servers. Bootstrap a new Chef Server on Amazon’s EC2 or a standalone server. Backup and restore your Chef Server or Hosted Chef’s node, role, data bag, and environment JSON data.

  • DevOpsDays Delhi - July 21 & 22

  • chefspec and rspec-chef are great tools for unit-testing your chef cookbooks, but it’s often cumbersome to mock out all your node’s ohai data. Even a clean operating system yields a few thousand lines of ohai data, so it’s easy to quickly pollute your tests with more mock and less test. This not only increases the time required to write tests, but it’s not extensible and isn’t sustainable across large projects. That’s why Seth Vargo at CustomInk cooked up fauxhai - a community supported gem for easily mocking ohai data.

    • command line tool for generating and contributing fauxhai data
    • easily override any attributes
    • specify default versions
    • fetch remote server data (coming soon!)
  • MVT: knife test with Travis CI

  • What Production Means - recent blog post by @lusis

  • Opscode training - use discount code REDACTED, listen to get the code to save 10% on sessions.

  • Food Fight Show website. You can now support us using Flattr, the microdonation platform.

  • Evolving towards cookbook reusability slides

Cookbook News

New Cookbooks

  • phantomjs v0.0.2 - sethvargo Installs the phantomjs cookbook and necessary packages. This repository also features a full test suite! (knife, foodcritic, chefspec, using fauxhai)

  • rails_rvm v0.1.0 - bwright - First community cookbook! Installs System Wide RVM via the RVM recipe. RVM is configured for the specified user to work on boot. Then Rails is installed

  • trac4r v1.0.3 - cixelsyd Oftentimes it is helpful for your servers to create and post their own documentation. In Operations, it is important that we focus on publishing information in a timely, organized, and appropriate fashion. Of necessity, a good Operations team has multiple tools. Unfortunately, the multiplicity of tools can result in information fragmentation and difficulty in providing a single location for Developers and collegues to go for answers to common questions. Additionally, it is often sub-optimal to give access to a particular toolset simply to provide log or status information.

Tasks such as updating tickets when build artifacts have been generated, self-generated wikipages, or even posting drive fragmentation status are all basic tasks that servers should be able to do themselves. This is a basic attempt at enabling machines to interact with a Trac system for the specific purposes listed above… As well as others.

  • zpool v0.0.1 - marthag Lightweight resource and provider to create or destroy simple zpools in Solaris zpools.

  • zfs v0.0.2 - marthag Lightweight resource and provider to manage Solaris zfs file systems. Currently, only a limited sub-set of options are supported.

  • emailer v1.0.1 - cixelsyd (steven c) Installs/Configures Mail gems and provides library for quick email messages from servers. What you see is what you get. Steven has a gmail account that he use as an SMTP server; the example is currently setup for TLS with google.

Updated Cookbooks


Great conversation with Joshua Timberman covering many topics including:

  • Joshua’s background and how he got started with Opscode
  • Cookbook Development
  • Community Cookbooks
  • Shef



  • haproxy - I do all of my http routing w/ it
  • Bon Iver - beautiful music but really depressing
  • anti-pick - Launchpad, I don’t like it




  • anti-pick - lawn maintenance
  • listening to 80’s synth pop and industrial music on rdio
  • Instapaper
  • Pathfinder - offshoot of dungeons and dragons


Interview with Joshua Timberman, King of Sysadmins: Download here

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