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Show Date: Thursday August 1st, 18:00 (Rome) 12:00 Alabama 09:00 LA


In the News

  • Mission Accomplished! Jordan Sissel has a new gig at Dreamhost working full-time on logstash He blogged about what he intends to do to grow logstash’s value for both new and existing users.

  • Seth Vargo has released the first non-alpha version of fauxhai the node-mocking gem. This version implements the fetch feature, which allows you to download ohai data from a real remote node and run your tests against that data.

  • Greg Albrecht Kim released a cookbook-style-guide check the show notes for a link to the github repo.

  • The team over at Boundary has released small wonder, a deployment tool. It’s a lightweight wrapper around salticid Small Wonder is a means for using Salticid and Chef together to deploy applications. Small Wonder consumes your knife.rb so has access to anything that any other chef-client can access, including Chef search.

  • Joshua Timberman’s written up another blog post about OS X Workstation Management With Chef He’s written on this topic twice before. This article is actually a rewrite of the original and now has an accompanying Chef repo.

  • Speaking of provisioning laptops’s with Chef, Seth Vargo’s back with part 2 of his series on the subject check out the post over on the CustomInk Engineering blog - EngineerInk

  • David Golden posted his Oscon Slides on Cooking Perl with Chef Chedk the show notes for a link.

  • Ever find yourself looking for something beautiful that’s been artisinally hand-crafted, you know, like an Integer? Well, fear not! Checkout Brooklyn Integers it’s an IaaS (Integer as a Service) a simple API for generating and retrieving integers. If you think the integers in Brooklyn are a bit odd (pun intended), visit the San Fransisco branch: Mission Integers.

  • Jeffrey Snover was recently interviewed on the RunAs Radio podcast about his blog post Windows Server 2012, PowerShell 3.0 and DevOps

Upcoming Events and Meetup Groups

  • Infrastructure Coders meet up in Melbourne Australia, created by Matt Jones and David Lutz, next meetup will be August 14 and focus on the topic of Infrastructure as Code

  • DevOpsDC - Cooking with Chef If you’re in the DC area, be sure to swing by TaxiMagic’s HQ on Tuesday, August 14th to meet-up with other Chef enthusiasts.

  • The Bay Area Chef User Group will be hosting Chef Cafe on Thursday, August 16.

  • DevOps Days Rome will be October 5-6. The call for papers is open now!

Cookbook News

New Cookbooks

  • awstats v0.2.2 - madolphs This cookbook installs awstats and provides an LWRP to setup awstats for a service of your choice.

  • VRTSralus v0.0.2 - lucky-sideburn Installs/Configures VRTSralus through the installation script. VRTSralus is better known as Symantec Backup Exec for linux. This cookbook was written to resolve a strange problem with the installation through RPM.

  • pkgin v0.1.0 - someara This cookbook is used to install packages on Unix systems with the pkgin utility. pkgin is aimed at being an apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages.

  • riot_mysql v1.2.8 - reset A fork of the Opscode MySQL cookbook which fixes a severe bug with installing the MySQL gem on CentOS platforms.

  • jmxtrans v0.0.3 - bryanwb We talked about jmxtrans in the last episode, it’s now available on the community site. Thanks, Bryan!

Updated Cookbooks

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Bryan’s show notes

  • Michael and jamie work on Deployment Automation team at RiotGames
  • They make heavy use of github enterprise, can do a pull request w/out forking
  • They spend a lot of time evangelizing and teaching chef w/in org
  • Their devs very receptive to Chef
  • Only build server can upload cookbook, and it revs each version after every successful build
  • they don’t use roles at all, because
    • not versioned
    • better to use wrapper cookbook instead of role
  • current patterns for chef only maintainable w/ a small team
  • what benefits of small team to follow your pattern?
  • Jamie is working on “cookbook development for application developers”







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