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Big Data in the Small: Why N Tier Architectures Are an Antipattern

Show Date: Tuesday, 25 September 2012


In the News

  • Berkshelf 0.6.0beta1 is out, includes windows support and easier install. How much easier? It now uses a pure ruby constraint solver, which spares us the pain of having to hand-compile the gecode library. 0.6.0 builds on the 0.5.0 release which had a ton of new features such as

    • now uses a built-in vagrant plugin instead of shims
    • Cookbooks and their dependencies will now automatically be provided to Vagrant when you boot your virtual machine.
    • Vagrant will receive any changes made to cookbooks on any future provision command.
    • can use the your Chef API as a soruce location
    • Cookbook generator
    • and others!
  • Karel Minarik and Vojtech Hyza gave a “hello cloud” presentation where they demonstrated how to spin up an application cluster that includes a load balancer, 3 application servers, 1 database node, and 2 elasticsearch nodes. The recipes are on github for your browsing pleasure. Provided you have Vagrant and Chef Server setup on your workstation, you should be able to spin up the whole stack just by running vagrant up

  • Cloudant labs posted their analyis of Google’s globally distributed datastore known as Spanner. Essentially, it as a datastore that is globally distributed across multiple data centers where each transaction globally consistent. Get that, it is globally consistent, not eventually consistent. They use several techniques to accomplish this but one of the most notable is that they use specialized hardware that includes atomic clocks and GPS on each server.

  • Github’s postmortem

  • PuppetCast podcast

  • Derek Collison, one of the past leaders of the cloud foundry project and now CEO of a cloud platform company, tweeted his prediction that Go will become the dominant language for systems work in IaaS, Orchestration, and PaaS in 24 months

  • Why I’m went from Python to Go

  • Mitchellh reported that the Mac OS X 10.8.2 upgrade totally breaks virtualbox 4.2 and earlier. Luckily Oracle put out Virtualbox 4.2.1 with hotfix for this issue.

  • The new github launch page which features the command bar is freaking awesome, essentially it gives u a CLI interface to the github site. It comes complete with tab completion, smart filtering, history.

  • Stop the fork - a new github repo from Patrick Debois. This repo will collect ideas and examples on how structure your configuration management code to avoid forks from happening.

  • knife-community - A Knife plugin to assist with deploying completed Chef cookbooks to the Community Site. The plugin was created by Mike Fiedler and Joshua Timberman recently wrote up a blog post on the Opscode blog about the plugin.

  • DevOpsDC recently had an evening of lightning talks on ChefSpec, OpenTSDB, Disaster Porn, and more. Checkout the presentations on the meetup site

  • The Triangle Devops group met recently to talk about how Bronto software is becoming information rich by collecting production data and analyzing it. Check the show notes for a link to the presentation.

  • John Allspaw has been putting a lot of thought into automation and has released part one in his series A Mature Role for Automation.

  • Resilience Engineering: Learning to Embrace Failure - this is an interview with Jesse Robbins, Kripa Krishnan, John Allspaw, and Tom Limoncelli. This is a great article about using Gameday exercises.

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