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Show Date: Tuesday, 11 September 2012


In the News

  • Chef 10.14 has been released! Since we recorded the last podcast there have actually been a number of Chef releases in the 10.14 series
  • And if Chef 10.14 isn’t enough to get you really excited, you can now Test Drive the Chef 11 Server Preview. This preview is the erchef powered Chef Server using omnibus installer on Ubuntu 10.04.
  • Dan Ryan released Mastermind, an infrastructure orchestration engine. It provides the ability to compose and automate complex tasks with predefined and reproducible outcomes.
  • Dan has also released woodchuck a lightweight log shipper for logstash written in Ruby.
  • Mathias Lafeldt wrote up a post on his experiences with Learning Chef. Where should you start? with Ruby! Mathias recommends that you start by learning some Ruby before you get too far into Chef.
  • Jon Cowie recently announced that knife-spork made it to 1.0. With a lot of help from Seth Vargo, knife-spork was completely refactored and now has a plugin framework.
  • Pete Cheslock recently presented at the Chef Boston Meetup on Team Development Workflows with Chef. The slides from his presentation are available on slideshare.
  • The team over at Green and Secure IT Limited recently released knife-block to enable the use of multiple knife.rb files against multiple chef servers. This is a great way to help keep your knife configuration files organized. Simply type knife block use foo to switch to the ‘foo’ chef server. knife block use bar will change your config to connect to the ‘bar’ chef server.
  • Gareth Llewellyn recently released Cyllel Beta 0.4 An andriod app that lets you interact with your Chef managed infrastructure. Check-out the code on github.
  • In the blog post What Powers Etsy Etsy detailed the hardware configurations they use to power their site.
  • The team over at Etsy also recently wrote a post about the Engineer Exchange Program project . It’s pretty simple: An Etsy engineer headed over to San Francisco to spend a week working with a Twitter Platform Engineer. The two engineers spent the next week in Brooklyn working at Etsy. I’m really interested to hear how this exchange went.
  • We can’t record this show as often as we would like but there are so many great topics to cover. That’s why we are excited about the ShipShow Podcast, they are putting out great content including their most recent episode that asks “Is there such a thing as too much automation?” tl;dr the resounding answer is no!

Upcoming Meetup Groups and Events

Cookbook News

New Cookbooks

  • rayo v1.0.12 - krumpt Rayo is a message-oriented XML protocol for controlling phone calls, audio mixers and a variety of advanced media resources. This cookbook is to install a Rayo Node or Gateway
  • spiceweasel v0.1.0 - mray This simple cookbook installs the latest version of Spiceweasel from Rubygems.
  • debian v0.0.1 - guilhemfr Sets up apt sources for Debian.
  • rvm_deploy v0.0.1 - fxposter This cookbook provides an rvm_deploy resource, which can be used just like deploy or deploy_revision resources, but it provides rvm integration.
  • graphene v0.0.6 - zo Installs and configures the Graphene graphing toolkit.
  • bind-chroot v0.0.12 - jackl0phty This cookbook will install bind9, a DNS server, in a CHROOT jail environment.
  • nexus v0.11.2 - reset Installs/Configures nexus, a repository manager
  • unattended_upgrades v0.0.2 - marcelcary Installs/Configures APT unattended_upgrade

There are a couple of new cookbooks for Splunk:

  • splunk_handler v1.1.0 - Greg Albrecht ampledata Cookbook version of the Chef Exception & Reporting Handler for Splunk.
  • splunkstorm v0.0.1 - Aaron Wallis d2kagw Installs/Configures Splunk Storm forwarders and includes resources to easily add/remove monitored files and directories.

We’ve got three new cookbooks form Geoffrey Tran:

Chris Roberts is back with a bunch of cookbooks

John Dewey’s been really busy releasing cookbooks for many common utilities. This is the third episode in a row where we’ve got multiple new cookbooks from John:

Updated Cookbooks







Vagrant with Mitchell Hashimoto & Patrick Debois: Download here

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