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Interview With Kate Matsudaira

Show Date: Tuesday, 2 October 2012


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  • Opscode is offering lots of Introductory Workshops around the US through the end of the year. If you are new to Chef or know someone who is, be sure to checkout the Opscode Events page on Eventbrite. And remember, you can use discount code “FOODFIGHT” to save 10% off your registration. Upcoming cities include Boston, Raleigh, Seattle, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

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2 new cookbooks this week from Alex Howells:

  • sickbeard v1.0.0 - alexhowells Installs and configures Sickbeard onto a node. Sickbeard is the ultimate PVR application that searches for and manages your TV shows.

  • sabnzbd v1.0.0 - alexhowells Installs and configures sabnzbd onto a node. sabnzbd is software which helps you download things from Usenet.

  • Robert Lee-Cann has published s3fs-c v0.0.1 - leeky The purpose of this recipe is to create a s3fs driver for one of your amazon s3 buckets. It uses the modified s3fs-c fork, to be compatible with other S3 client’s concepts of directory structures, maintained by Tong Wang. This recipe is a lightly modified version of ‘s3fs’ by Tom Wilson.

  • John Dewey is back this time with megaraidcli v0.1.0 - retr0h Installs/Configures MegaCLI, a command line utility for managing RAID adapters

  • Chris Roberts, another prolific cookbook contributor, recently pulbished package_installer v0.0.1 - chrisroberts Simple cookbook for managing package versions on a node.

  • Padraig O’Sullivan published akibanserver v0.1.2 - posulliv Install and configure the Akiban Server. Akiban Server is a pure Java, open source database with a unified document-table storage structure and a breakthrough relational algebra. Based on the concept of table-groups, it supports SQL and documents working seamlessly together and performing a lot better.

  • Stanislav Bogatyrev released repos v0.0.1 - realloc Manages repositories for your platform. Curently only Debian and Ubuntu are supported.

Updated Cookbooks


Nathen and Kate Matsudaria discuss Kate’s Surge presentation, working at Decide, the Technology and Leadership Newsletter, building v1s and v2s, and more.

Big Data Without Big Database—Extreme In-Memory Caching

These days it is not uncommon to have 100s of gigabytes of data that must be sliced and diced, then delivered fast and rendered quickly. Typically solutions involve lots of caching and expensive hardware with lots of memory. And, while those solutions certainly can work, they aren’t always cost effective, or feasible in certain environments (like in the cloud). This talk seeks to cover some strategies for caching large data sets without tons of expensive hardware, but through software and data design.

It’s common wisdom that serving your data from memory dramatically improves application performance and is a key to scaling. However, caching large datasets brings its own challenges: distribution, consistency, dealing with memory limits, and optimizing data loading just to name a few. This talk will go through some of the challenges, and solutions, to achieve fast data queries in the cloud. The audience will come away armed with a number of practical techniques for organizing and building caches for non-transactional datasets that can be applied to scale existing systems, or design new systems.



  • XCode and Objective C
  • Responsive Design and HTML5



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Interview with Kate Matsudaira - Download here