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#monitoringlove With Sensu

Show Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In this episode Nathen, @lusis, and Mike Fiedler sit down with Sean Porter and Ulf Mansson to discuss Sensu and #monitoringlove.

This episode was inspired by Ulf’s presentation at DevOps Days Rome 2012:

Monitoringlove: a True story in this presentation given at DevopsDays Italy. Ulf Mansson describes how the implementation of sensu and graphite convert the monitoring meme from monitoringsucks to monitoringlove. Hey kids, Ulf is right. monitoringsucks is dead, long live monitoringlove! There is now an active monitoringlove hashtag on twitter and an active #monitoringlove IRC channel. Join the Fun! Thanks to Ulf Mansson for making us realize that monitoring no longer has to suck and that if we put in just a bit of extra work, we can experience monitoringlove too.

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  • Why Sensu? Why another monitoring system?
  • How does Sensu differ from Nagios?
  • What role does messaging play in Sensu?
  • Is there support for Windows?
  • Is Sensu tightly coupled with Chef?
  • Ruby is dog-slow, so isn’t Sensu slow too?
  • Are there pre-built checks? Can Nagios checks be used?
  •* Ulf: what were your reasons for moving to Sensu?
  • Ulf: describe the migration process
  • Ulf: What are important considerations for others who want to make the switch?
  • Ulf: tell us about graphite/sensu integration
  • Ulf: what is #monitoringlove?
  • Ulf: How many servers did you need to set up for Sensu, vs previous monitoring?
  • Where could Sensu use the most help?
  • Who is using Sensu at the moment?

In the News

  • Role Cookbooks and Wrapper Cookbooks, another post on the subject from Peter Donald.
  • Roundtrip Roundtrip is a business process tracking and measurement service especially useful for tracking distributed systems and services that integrates nicely with Graphite
  • Chef-workflow is a comprehensive rake-based workflow for chef
  • Flock_of_chefs inter-node communication primatives to Chef instances Love the ’80s synth-pop reference! Cue Flock of Seagulls “Wishing”
  • Alpha omnibus packages for Chef 11 Server are now available for Centos 5,6 and Ubuntu 10-12
  • Test-Kitchen 0.7.0 released, now with an OpenStack Runner and some bug fixes
  • Berkshelf 1.1.0 released. This release adds a bunch of new commands and some bug fixes. My favorite is that berks upload can now take a single cookbook as an argument. Before 1.1.0, you berks upload uploaded all of the cookbook referenced in your Berksfile, each time you ran it. A big thanks goes out to Seth Vargo who is now the biggest contributor outside of Riot Games to the Berkshelf project
  • Peter Zsoldos shared with us an excellent presentation from Dan Milstein, How to run a 5 Whys (with humans, not robots)
  • The Resources reference page has moved! All the content on the wiki page for Resources has been moved to

Cookbook News

New Cookbooks

  • tsdb-server v0.1.0 - jacekm Installs OpenTSDB server
  • exim4-light v0.1.0 - thomas_massmann This cookbook installs and configures exim4 for client or outbound relayhost.
  • gelf_handler v1.0.0 - peter_donald Installs a Chef handler that sends chef run results to a GELF server such as Logstash or Graylog. If you have the ohai-system_pacakges plugin installed, it will also send package statistics.
  • autohotkey v0.1.1 - fromonesrc automates the installation of AutoHotkey, a free, open-source utility for Windows that allows you to automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  • ucs-solo v0.0.1 - mraju A Chef cookbook (beta) to deploy and configure Cisco UCS. The cookbook leverages chef-solo with ucslib and helps setup a basic Cisco UCS deployment. It acts as a template to highlight what’s possible with the UCS API.
  • ucs v0.0.1 - mraju A Chef cookbook (beta) to deploy and configure Cisco UCS. The cookbook leverages Chef Server, a chef-node (UCS Proxy) with ucslib and helps setup a basic Cisco UCS deployment. It acts as a template to highlight what’s possible with the UCS API using Chef in a distributed environment.
  • dhcp v2.0.0 - spheromak Data bag and environment driven DHCP server with isc-dhcpd
  • cpu v0.2.0 - guilhemfr Manage CPU related tasks on linux (governor, nice, affinity…)
  • kibana v0.1.0 - peter_donald Installs/Configures kibana, the logstash UI
  • sbt-extras v0.2.2 - gildegoma Installs sbt-extras to build scala projects with any sbt version you need
  • serverdensity v0.1.0 - avrohom Installs/Configures Server Density
  • galera v0.3.1 - alex-s9s Installs Codership’s MySQL Galera cluster. Galera Cluster provides synchronous multi-master replication for MySQL
  • cmon v0.5.0 - alex-s9s Installs and configures ClusterControl controller and agents
  • gradle v1.2.0 - ollehallin Installs/Configures Gradle, a build automation tool. According to the gradle website, Gradle combines the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to build. And, it’s powered by a Groovy DSL
  • pandoc v1.0.0 - jtimberman Installs pandoc, a universal document creator. If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife.
  • nephele v0.1.2 - cixelsyd Nephele, the Greek cloud nymph, contains some basic utilities for working with cloud services. At the moment, the only implemented item is a library that will sync a local directory with an S3 bucket.
  • minecraft v0.0.2 - gregf Installs/Configures minecraft server
  • zabbix_windows v0.0.1 - gwaldo Installs Zabbix Agent on Windows Hosts
  • puppet v0.2.0 - fnichol Installs and manages a Puppet Master service. No, really.
  • myface v0.3.0 - someara Example cookbook written to show the Application Cookbook pattern
  • zeoserver v0.1.1 - thomas_massmann Installs and configures a Zope ZEO-Server.
  • known_host v0.1.0 - sethvargo LWRP for adding keys to the ssh_known_hosts file
  • ruby-helper v0.0.1 - spheromak This recipe extends ruby to include .blank? method from rails.

Updated Cookbooks



  • Tailor - style and static analysis “rulers” for Ruby files
  • Datadog - Hosted monitoring