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Application Deployment

Show Date: Monday, January 28, 2013

This episode was started with a tweet:

@nathenharvey are you still recommending capistrano deploys in a chef infrastructure? I want to know what the best practices are

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Show Notes

Should you deploy your applicaiton with Chef’s deploy resource or should you use Capistrano or something like it? To an extent, this comes down to a question of push vs. pull.

On the panel we discuss the merits of both and reach a conclusion something along the lines of:

Use whichever method best suits your team and your application’s workflow. In either case, it makes sense to leverage Chef’s search capability to help drive the deployment.

A thread on the mailing list came up during our discussion. Although not directly related to our conversation, the thread is worth reading. Joshua Timberman schooled all of us on the use of the template resource’s local attribute. This was certainly something new to most, if not all, of the panelists. Joshua wrote up blog post, Local Templates for Application Configuration exploring the use of local templates.