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Food Fight Show - Year Two

Show Date: 2 January 2013

This episode is a look back at the Food Fight Show in 2012 and a discussion of the changes planned for 2013. The episode was recorded as a Google+ Hangout and streamed live on YouTube.

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Learning Chef

Nathen has started a blog series aimed at helping new people get up and running with Chef. We discussed the series a bit in the episode.

Food Fight Show in 2012

Thank you for your support of the podcast this year! We released 57 episodes and have seen about 40,000 downloads. That’s about 700 downloads for each episode. We hosted 4 Google+ Hangouts which have about 900 views. We’ve enjoyed the Hangouts so much that we decided to use a Google+ Hangout, instead of Skype, to facilitate our last episode of the year. This episode was streamed live to YouTube and released as an audio podacast.

Top Episodes

Want to relive some of the best episodes from 2012? Here’s a list of our five favorite episodes in the order they were aired:

  1. Episode 11: Etsy Examined, How the Best Do Their Business
  2. Episode 14: Post-Mortems with David Zwieback, John Allspaw, and Mike Rembetsy
  3. Episode 18: Monitoringsucks
  4. Episode 24: Jamie Winsor and Michael Ivey on Berkshelf
  5. Episode 25: ChatOps at Github with Jesse Newland

Listener Survey

We recently opened up a listener poll to gather some feedback from you on how we can make the show even more awesome in 2013.

A quick summary of the survey results is now available. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Hopes and dreams for 2013

  • Orchestration for deploys and better orchestration in general
  • Opscode provides test-kitchen CI to cookbooks developed by the community - as a service, across at least debian + redhat, but bsd support would be awesome
  • Some consensus on cookbook workflow(s)
  • erChef is widely deployed, implemented, and battle-hardened
  • Regional 1 day mini conferences and at least one in Europe!
  • A quantum leap in the Chef training suite, is good but just a start

Changes for 2013

As we look forward to 2013, there are a couple of things that we’re going to change:

  1. Whenever feasible, episodes will now be recorded via Google+ Hangout with a live stream posted to YouTube.
  2. We will try to keep length of the what’s cookin’ plus topic discussion to about one hour. The Picks section is our time to be self-indulgent and it may spill over one hour. You are welcome to hit the stop button at that point and switch to something more substantive.
  3. We will start a regular Food Fight Show newsletter which will include the content from the What’s Cookin’ section and any other noteworthy items. You can subscribe to the newsletter now.
  4. Alternate episodes w/ interactive hangouts??
  5. Bryan will make a conscious effort to interrupt the guests less
  6. The Food Fight theme song is awesome but many of our hosts and panelists are music lovers. We’ll start using different music between What’s Cookin’ and the Interview and new music at the close of the show. We’ll ask our guests for suggestions or pull a gem out of our hosts’ playlists.

The listener survey gave us some ideas about what sort of topics you’d like to see covered on the show. We’ll work to line-up those topics and would really appreciate your help in doing so. Is there someone you really want to hear from? A topic you’d really like to see covered? Please let us know!

Thank You!

We really appreciate all of the time you’ve put in listening to the show in 2012. We hope to see you at #ChefConf 2013 and other conferences throughout the year.

Thanks to all of our AWESOME guests through out the year!

We’d also like to thank Opscode for their continued support of the show. They cover our hosting and bandwidth costs and allow their employees to participate on the show on a regular basis.

Keep it hot!
Bryan & Nathen