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Episode 53 - Chef Internals With Dan DeLeo

Show Date: June 12, 2013

In today’s show we discuss the internals of the chef client code.

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  • Check out and participate in Chef internals conversations at #chef-hacking IRC and chef-dev mailing list
  • Shameless self-promotion: my “5 things you didn’t know about Chef” talk from Big Ruby 2013.
  • Geeky pick: Pathfinder RPG: Ultimate Campaign. This is a great resource for GMs, and the fact that it collects all the character traits in one place is great for players.
  • Tech pick: OmniOS! I’ve been playing with this a bit, and it’s great. OmniOS is an IllumOS distribution by OmniTI, and is built for enterprise class stability and use.
  • New Belgium Abbey ale, it’s a Belgian Dubbel style. Delicious and refreshing, even on a hot summer day



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