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Chef Week London - Intermediate Training with Mandi Walls, Chef Community Summit London, and a Chef Hack Day. October 13-17, 2014. Use code CHEFWEEK to save!

  • Chef Users London Meetup - October 9
  • Chef Community Summit London - October 15 & 16 - FOODFIGHT saves 10%, CHEFWEEK saves more ;)
  • Erlang Camp - October 10 & 11 in Austin, Texas
  • Silicon Valley Code Camp - October 11 in Los Altos Hills, California
  • Houston Texas DevOps – October 14 - JJ Asghar will be presenting “Infrastructur­e as Code”
  • Docker Santa Clara Meetup - October 15 - Tom Duffield will be presenting “Managing Docker Containers”
  • CloudDevelop - October 17 in Columbus, Ohio - Julian Dunn will be presenting “Automating That Other OS: Cooking With Chef on Windows”
  • London Hack Day - October 17
  • All Things Open - October 22-23 in Raleigh, North Carolina - Nathen Harvey will present “Introduction to Infrastructure as Code & Automation / Introduction to Chef”
  • Rakuten Technology Conference - October 25 in Japan - Michael Ducy will be talking about Changing the Behavior of IT.
  • T-DOSE - October 25 & 26 in The Netherlands
  • IC3 - October 27-28 in San Francisco - George Miranda and a few other Chefs will be around. George will be presenting “Successful Patterns of DevOps – Your To-Do List”
  • QCon San Francisco - November 3-7 in San Francisco - Franklin Webber will be leading an Intro to Chef tutorial on the 7th.
  • LISA - LISA returns to Seattle (November 9-14) this year. Be sure to swing by and check out talks and tutorials from Jennifer Davis, Steven Murawski, Mandi Walls, Nathen Harvey, and more!

  • DevOpsDays

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Use discount code FOODFIGHT to save 10% off upcoming Chef training that’s being held in

There are also a number of classes being offered online.

Show Notes

  • API-driven, not document- or configuration file-driven
  • Use Powershell to drive the API
  • Common Engineering Criteria
    • All management functionality must be exposed to Powershell
  • Server 2012 has 2400+ Powershell commands covering Windows administration and functionality
  • Powershell
  • Command line parsing, pipeline semantics, debugging, etc.
  • Powershell equalivent of apt-get
    • chocolatey - choco install emacschoco install vim
      • uses NuGet packages
    • OneGet is Microsoft’s unified interface to package management systems - available in Poweshell 5
    • PsGet
  • PSReadline
  • Pester - Powershell BDD style testing framework
  • Text Editors
    • NOT notepad
    • Powershell ISE - if nothing else is there
    • Sublime Text
    • Atom
    • emacs, of course
  • Basic resources that Chef users should know about
    • Package-Service-Template paradigm doesn’t really work for Windows
    • Powershell and DSC
    • PowerShellDSC converts the document-oriented calls of Chef to API-oriented calls of Windows
    • test target resource, set target resource, get target resource
    • Identifying which registry keys have changed is painful
    • Inspect MSIs with Orca.aspx)
    • Windows Cookbook
  • Debugging Powershell is painful
    • Windows Management Framework 5 - might go back as far as 2008 R2.
    • Powershell 5 has many updates and enhancements for debugging
  • Test Kitchen at ChefSummit
  • Escaping from Powershell and using command.exe escaping - knife winrm --% ....
  • Adam Edwards, PowerChef - Enhanced PowerShell Integration for Chef Recipes from #ChefConf 2014
  • royalTSX
  • WinRS
  • WinRM




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