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Configuration Management Camp

A wrap-up of Configuration Management Camp 2015 recorded live at the end of the conference.



  • Panel Intros
  • The Puppet Podcast
  • The Genesis of ConfigManagementCamp
  • 8 Track Conference in Gent, Belgium from February 2-3 2015
  • FOSDEM Conference
  • Differences between this year’s conference and last year’s
  • Life of a Community Manager
  • FOSDEM vs ConfigManagementCamp
  • Monitorama
  • Containerization
  • Virtualization
  • Widespread Maturity
  • Building Images in Docker
  • Tools and Solving Higher Level Problems
  • Controversial Topics:
    • Config management is a solved problem.
    • Talks responding to talks.
    • The future of configuration management.
    • Distributed systems and ways to kill central orchestration.
    • Orchestration is a smell.
    • Dev and Ops hate each other.
  • Chef in Europe
  • Getting good as being a distributed community => Should we do a North American ConfigManagementCamp??
  • Does geography and culture impact adoption?
  • Honesty, sharing, and vulnerability
  • Keep it niche; keep pushing forward W* here does ZooKeeper fit in?
  • Technology Transition


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