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Inaugural Office Hours

Office Hours - Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today we held our Inaugural Chef Hangout Office Hours.

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Well, the office hours are over but you can still watch the recording on YouTube!


Comments were posted in three places:

  • In the Google Hangout Chat
  • In comments on the YouTube video
  • In #foodfightshow on IRC

Google Chat Transcript

Here’s a transcript from the Google Hangout:

Nathen Harvey 3:05 PM is the streaming URL

Eric Wolfe 3:13 PM
Baseline role example:

Derek Schultz 3:14 PM
Nice Gist there

Julian Dunn 3:14 PM
We used to use env_run_lists in roles but found they were exclusive of the run_list, sadly

Michael Fiedler (Mike Fiedler) 3:20 PM

Nathen Harvey 3:21 PM
from the YouTube comments - wrap the cookbook and override certain attributes

Julian Dunn 3:25 PM
Zac which PostgreSQL RPM s are you using?

Zac Hallett 3:25 PM

Julian Dunn 3:28 PM
That’s what I’m using too… is the problem that in recipes/server.rb, the service naNathen Harveyis hardcoded as “postgresql”?

Zac Hallett 3:28 PM
Yes, I have had to update all instances of “postgresql” to “postgresql-9.2” to make it work correctly

Julian Dunn 3:29 PM
I made it a configurable attribute within the cookbook… see

Zac Hallett 3:31 PM
Julian, thank you for that. I’ll update my cookbook with that

Michael Fiedler (Mike Fiedler) 3:41 PM

Anthony Leto 3:41 PM -c should let you specify

Michael Fiedler (Mike Fiedler) 3:44 PM

Nathen Harvey 3:47 PM
Zac - do you have additional question(s)?

Zac Hallett 3:48 PM
my other question was mostly answered via my PG question. Its in regards to standing up a RHEL infrastructure while leaving up the Ubuntu one until we are ready to switch DNS to point to the new infrastructure and what the best way to do that is

Derek Schultz 3:53 PM

Julian Dunn 3:54 PM
node.set works in Solo mode

Jamie Winsor 3:55 PM
Chef::Config[:solo] that will be true if it’s solo

This was an experiment and we hope to have similar hangouts in the future.

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